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The mix that conquers.

ROMAEST is an expression of the latest trends, with the most sought-after brands and the coolest outfits! Clothing, accessories, shoes, the Center is the benchmark for shopping. International, national and local operators in more than 200 stores will know how to satisfy every desire. Fashion, beauty, wellness, design, literature and food come together to ensure a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

Contact for store rentals:

ECE Projektmanagement Italia S.r.l.
Piazzale Principessa Clotilde, 8
20121 Milan, Italy

Phone: +39 02 63471442
E-Mail: alessandra.maiettaececom

Contact for Gallery areas:
ROMAEST Shopping Center Management
Via Collatina, KM 12,800
00132 Rome, Italy

Phone: +39 06 22511377
E-Mail: sofia.scanduraececom