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Buccia di Mela

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Buccia di Mela

Buccia di Mela is a brand of the Bifulco Group, a leading Italian company in the pajama industry. Impeccable comfort and undisputed quality are the values of each Buccia di Mela brand product, whose collections express a clear value for money combined with careful stylistic research and the use of guaranteed, cutting-edge materials and fabrics. All Buccia di Mela lines, lively and refined, captivate the public by giving excitement and practicality to the entire family. Designed to anticipate tastes and trends, the brand's different collections respect the best quality standards to guarantee Italian style and fabrics. Fruit of a matured success, the diversification of the homewear product put in place by the Bifulco Group has led to the development of new lines under the Buccia di Mela brand, from beachwear, to home furnishings.

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