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I Love Poke

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I Love Poke

Love Yourself, Eat Healthy.

1st Hawaiian poke in Italy

I Love Poke is the first Italian fast-food chain dedicated to the world of poke, where tasting this super healthy Hawaiian dish becomes the key to a healthy and greedy lifestyle.

Lots of fresh and genuine ingredients to customize your bowl, in a creative and tasty path with an always different result according to your desires.

Because loving each other also means eating consciously without giving up the best of what Mother Nature offers.

Straight from Hawaii, we have brought to the Belpaese the latest trend in food, the Hawaiian poke, which combines the two concepts of street food and healthy cooking. Each of our poke bowls is made in a healthy and balanced way, and its composition is specifically designed to provide the right amount of calories. Totally customizable, you are always the one to choose new and tasty combinations from the available ingredients.

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